Pose estimation datasets results

Pose estimation datasets results

Where are the objects parts in the image ?

Discover the current state of the art in pose estimation.

Leeds Sport Poses
who is the best in Leeds Sport Poses ?

Leeds Sport Poses 5 results collected

Units: PCP %

2000 poses anotated pictures from Flickr. From a selected set of activities and with the person at the center of the pictures.

Result Method Venue Details
69.2 % Strong Appearance and Expressive Spatial Models for Human Pose Estimation ICCV 2013 Details
64.3 % Appearance sharing for collective human pose estimation ACCV 2012
63.3 % Poselet conditioned pictorial structures CVPR 2013
60.8 % Articulated pose estimation with flexible mixtures-of-parts CVPR 2011
55.6% Pictorial structures revisited: People detection and articulated pose estimation CVPR 2009
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